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Produits: Pro Gallery

Gluten free

Although there are more and more products suitable for a gluten-free diet, the result once on the plate is often disappointing. Good news; Whether you live with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or simply a personal choice, we've got you covered!
We are committed to providing you with decadent desserts that respect your dietary restrictions.
Because we love you very much, we want to offer you safe desserts that you can trust 100%.
We regularly perform analyzes in addition to those performed by independent laboratories to ensure that our products, manufacturing space and working methods exceed industry requirements for food safety.


Without priority allergens

We hear more and more in recent years about the phenomenon of food allergies in children. Certified products are still too few and very expensive. Affected families often have to cook home-cooked meals and avoid family reunions and dining out. After all, who wants to end a happy social event with an Epipen in the thigh ?!

Belle & Caramel is proud to offer delicious desserts without the 8 priority allergens:

Milk, Eggs, Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Wheat - Triticale, Sesame, Sulphites.

Internal analyzes and validated by independent laboratories are performed on a recurring basis to ensure that you can pamper yourself with confidence. Now you can do like everyone else and enjoy the moments with those you love; we'll take care of the rest :)

Allergies Quebec



Animals are our friends! No matter how close we relate to them, they are alive just like us and feel pleasure, joy, and love.
This is why Belle & Caramel develops products which are entirely made with plants and which allow these animals to continue to accompany us, to comfort us and to amaze us along our way.
While it is true that we are ONE with everything around us, it is normal to want to be caring and emphatic with people and nature, including the animal kingdom :)
Spoil yourself without feeling guilty, that's real happiness: P


Eco-responsible & Local

The return to home-cooked meals brings its share of blessings for our health. In order to maintain the most natural ingredients possible, our products are:


- NO trans fat

- NO preservatives

- NO artificial colors & flavours

- Organic (chocolate, cocoa, mixture of flour)

- Fair trade (cocoa, chocolate)

-Durable and WITHOUT HPH (palm oil)

Belle & Caramel is a company born in the Bas St-Laurent then moved to the Chaudières-Appalaches area. It is proud to collaborate with local partners for all of its operations. Hooray to local know-how :)

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